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My name is Bernice Crawshaw and I am passionate about helping Entrepreneurs, Managers and Organisations to run their businesses efficiently and effectively by using my Business Administration and Management expertise.  

My journey started back in September 2012, after suffering from Anxiety and Depression following the birth of my second child.  I had returned to my full time job, which I was fitting into part time hours and travelling over twenty miles a day, to manage over 200 administration staff in a large teaching hospital.  It was no different to the previous 10 years that I had spent commuting to my Senior Management job apart from one thing………. I had my second child!

There were many reasons why I made this decision but most importantly, I love to help people.  I have worked with and for some amazing managers and people during my time in the NHS but that began to change as more and more pressure was applied.  I hadn’t planned to be a ‘manager’, it just happened.  I enjoyed working with lots of people, relished the idea of recruiting junior members of staff to see them develop and mature into more senior positions and got a ‘buzz’ when things got a little difficult.


That is why, in January 2013 when I launched Virtual Finesse, I knew that it would be successful.  There are so many busy people and entrepreneurs out there pushing the boundaries and taking risks.  Young and old adults are now realising the benefits that running your own business can give you and are now biting the bullet and starting new and unique businesses.  I also want to be part of that!

One day, as I drove my car through the heavy traffic after a week off something snapped!  I had a pain in my chest and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  It was almost as though the whole world had stopped and I couldn’t move!  This then began a long process of leave and mediation but more importantly, time for me to think.


It was a few weeks after that and many discussions with family, friends and my husband when I made the decision to resign from my post and use my degree in Business and Organisational Management to start my own Business Consultancy company, working from home and primarily prioritizing my home and family life for the first time in many years.


I want to help you to reach your goals develop your business in the most cost effective and time efficient way possible.  There are many tasks in business that you may not feel comfortable with, find difficult to understand or that are simply taking up too much time. There are many solutions to make these things easier and I will show you how.  I want to make sure that you wake up everyday excited to work on your business!