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As your business grows, effective systems become more and more important and with technology changing so fast it can often be difficult to keep up to date with the most up to date tools that are available, nevermind finding the time to look at them in detail.

New Systems & Development

Having the time to sit back and look at your current systems and assessing the impact that these could have on your business can be time consuming.


Using the skills I developed in the NHS when I managed a number of large projects such the implementation of a new National Patient Administration System and the relocation of over 500,000 medical records to a centralised off site library, I relish the prospect of using new technologies and systems to assist you in developing your business.


I will provide you with a full assessment of your current position, examine what options are available, undertake a full analysis of each option with a detailed evaluation of the impact of each option and provide you will a full project management methodology of the implementation of the system.


Some of the things that I have worked on with clients include;

  • Implementation of a work project system to allow all members of the team to understand what is happening within each piece of work improving workflow communications.

  • Setting up a stock control and ordering system for a craft business eliminating complaints regrading delivery times.

  • Development of a customer contact database for the development of marketing and customer care systems.

  • Provided an online accounts and invoicing system for the improvement of cashflow and financial understanding of the business.


So whether or not you are looking to implement a new system, updating a current system you have or are just interested in understanding what is available, contact me now.